PastaPro high protein pasta is a next generation food designed for all athletes. By combining quality protein sources with durum wheat semolina flour and corn flour, we´ve created an exceptional protein meal that is easy to cook, tastes great and helps deliver your daily protein targets.

Perfect for muscle growth and recovery

High Protein Pasta contains mix of high quality proteins with excellent amino acid profile, that are essential for maintaining and gaining muscle.

Energy for your workout

Charge your batteries with real food. High Protein Pasta has low glycemic index and provides long lasting energy for efficient workout.

Gluten Free

Gluten sensitive athletes have nothing to worry about. We take no risks when it comes to your health and offer gluten free high protein pasta as well.

Great taste

You won't be able to spot the difference in taste between regular pasta and our high protein pasta. It just tastes fantastic.

More benefits

More protein

Contains 30g of protein per 100g serving, 3 times more than regular pasta.

Less Carbs

Contains 30 percent less carbohydrates than regulat pasta.

Finest Ingredients

We source only pure ingredients you can trust, such as traditional semolina flour and quality protein sources.

No Additives

Does not contain preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Complete Amino Acid Profile

Contains all essential amino acids body needs to build and maintain muscle.

GMO Free

Our pasta does not containy any genetically modified ingredients.

Suitable for Vegetarians

No meat or meat related ingredients.

Made in EU

Made in the EU in a fully compliant manufacturing plant to meet the highest levels of quality and hygiene.